About Us


Our Approach

Our confidence returns to Real Estate investment, as the world around us evolves, shifts and demands constant improvement. Varma RE Development continues it's search and development with three core steps in mind when selecting real estate opportunities.

Can we Adapt to the new environment, Is there room for positive Change, and will this Improve the asset and it's environment. If you can answer Yes, to these three questions then Varma RE Development is interested in the project.


Our Story

Rocco Varma, Principal of Varma RE Development started his real estate career over 19 years ago. His unique selection of underperforming or mismanaged sites and returning them to optimization has resulted in vast success of the company. He truly believes in a positive future of each project undertaken, and he believes success has no time limit or boundaries. His passion for real estate motivates him daily to seek and adopt opportunities. He started with simple principals and believes, which stand true till today within the company; Adapt, Change, Improve.